Find The Best Tips On Workplace Safety On These Blogs

Though workplace deaths and injuries have declined sharply over the last few decades, most developed countries remain committed to keeping vigilance on the different industries and how they implement their workplace safety policies. Websites and blogs have taken on an active role in such instances. Here are some informative blogs that safety inspectors and others can follow and stay updated on latest workplace safety norms and trends. These are also helpful forums where one can raise their queries or act as whistleblowers if they find deviations to occur or signs of negligence in their workplace.

Workplace Safety

Safety websites of governments

These are the foremost websites to go to when you wish to know about the different safety measures, standards, and policies that apply to your organization. Most governments have different sets of policies when it comes to implementing safety in the public sector or in private companies. Again, the kind of industry also brings in different sets of workplace safety policies. For the US the website of OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a great place to start at where you can find relevant guidance on workplace safety.

The International Labor Organization is an international body which an agency of the United Nations. This group promotes effective work standards for different employers across the globe. On their official website, you will find relevant topics on workplace safety, issues and concerns discussed which raise ripples at a global level.

The Environmental Protection Agency is another organization that issues information on different kinds of hazards related to the environment that pertains to the different industries and their working.


If you wish to blow the whistle on any deviation you find when it comes to safety at your workplace, there are protection programs offered by the US Department of Labor as well as OSHA. A particular program called Whistleblowers provides information on employee rights which can help one to understand the role they play in ensuring safety and following the safety standards in a workplace.

Other publications that also provide a platform for raising concerns related to workplace safety are Safety and Health Magazine, On Safety Blog, On Research and others.