Safe Environment

How To Make A Workplace A Safe Environment?

When it comes to safety in the workplace, individuals need to be honed to a culture of safety and commitment to such values from the time they become part of such an organization. Hence the commitment chain needs to start from senior management of a company from where it can flow to the lower echelons. When senior management stays committed to promoting safety measures across an organization this, in turn, ensures that all safety programs that are launched are a success. It also means empowering employees at various levels to take an active role not only in following safety measures but in providing solutions wherever gaps remain.

Safe Environment

A workplace culture where safety is paramount should allow anyone to speak up when they feel that safety is being compromised. Here are some features that need to be part of any organization.

  •         Analysis of safety risks

There needs to be a culture that promotes safety in an organization as well as a program that allows assessment of risks in an ongoing manner. In order to assess risks in an appropriate manner, it is necessary that a safety team is formed which will take forward initiatives on safety and health. There are several safety standards that are applicable for different organizations; taking such programs forward also needs assessments to be done periodically by third party assessors. They usually conduct audits, check records of safety measures as required by the standards and issue continuation certificates to organizations.

  •         Investing for upkeep of safety culture

Investing in safety measures and to keep up a culture of the same requires certain steps to be taken. The first and foremost step should be that of keeping the facilities safe for the employees. These could be technological or infrastructure measures. Again, employees should be allowed to voice their concerns and their suggestions should be implemented as per a certain budget allocated for safety measures and their implementation.

  •         Training priorities

One of the assured ways to develop and foster a culture of safety in an organization is to make training a must for different levels of employees. There are certain safety risks that are inherent in different job roles. It is imperative that training becomes a part of every induction process for new employees as well as recurrent programs are held to refresh safety measures and their importance in the minds of employees.

It is to be remembered that fostering a culture of safety in an organization needs to be a regular practice, not one time and half hearted reminders. Hence, management needs to foster that culture and incorporate safety training programs and awareness of the same through different measures. From making training a regular occurrence to display the safety reminders in different places across a workplace, these are some measures that ensure that safety becomes a regular habit that is practiced at every step and included in different work procedures and policies in an organization.